Why We Started this Marketplace

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering, "Who are these people?" and "What's the deal with this marketplace?"

Both are great questions, and I'll do my best to convey our excitement in a contagious way.

We are M-Cultivo, and we provide coffee producers affordable technology to digitalize their supply chains, allowing them to compete more fully in the global marketplace. Through this digitalization, producers are able to capture more value in the supply chain, and to be better equipped to be price setters versus price takers. You can learn more about our team here, and our services for producers here.

For us, this marketplace is a natural and logical conclusion to the services and tools we offer producers; A place to sell their coffee. And for this initial pilot program, we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) in order to add another sales channel for coffees making their way through the prestigious Cup of Excellence (COE) Competition in Brazil.

The 30 inaugural Brazil Select coffees offered on this marketplace have been through several rounds of cuppings by the Brazil National Jury, and all have a score of 86 points or higher. These high-scoring micro-lots that don’t move on to the National Winners auction or the COE auction traditionally have not had a direct sales channel, despite being validated by expert cuppers and being accounted for in a warehouse.

With ACE and M-Cultivo’s goals aligned to bring more high-quality coffees to more buyers, we built a more approachable way for roasters of any size or experience to participate in discovering incredible micro-lots with complete traceability and financial transparency. So, that’s what you’ll find here; A green coffee marketplace where you can shop for micro-lots like you would shop for your next bag of roasted coffee (almost- unfortunately there's no free shipping here).

This marketplace is the culmination of a collaborative effort by a group of industry stakeholders, committed to finding ways to provide better access to market for farmers, and better access to farmers for roasters. Launching in Brazil this year is particularly poignant as the Cup of Excellence competitions began in Brazil in 1999, with huge support from the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA). Once again, with the great support of the BSCA, we are able to launch this avenue for producers and roasters to connect in new ways. It’s our vision to refine this marketplace concept and process, and expand it to other COE competitions next year.

Finally, this marketplace couldn’t exist without the cooperation and support from Sancoffee, Brazil Select’s exporter, as well as Anthem Coffee Importers and Falcon Coffees, our current importing partners. These organizations understand the vision and value of the marketplace, and we're confident that they will deliver a best-in-class logistics experience for the marketplace. 

Stay tuned as we update with more details in the coming days and weeks. If you haven't yet registered, please do so here. You won't be able to shop without registering. We hope to see you here on November 3rd, when the marketplace launches to buyers in the US, Canada, and the UK. 


P.S. If you're outside of the US, Canada and UK, we're looking forward to expanding our offerings to more markets soon!